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This website is for children, young people and their family and carers who are eligible for services from Coventry and Warwickshire partnership trust. It also provides information for those working with children and young people, including GP’s, education and health professionals. We aim to provide you with information about physiotherapy and keeping healthy. 


What is the Children and Young People's Physiotherapy Service?

Physiotherapy can help with many areas of need at any age. Our physiotherapists specialise in treatment from birth through full time education. Within our children and young people’s physiotherapy service, we provide assessment and treatment to a broad range of needs for children and adolescents. Depending on your requirements, we can provide assessment and treatment in a variety of settings within Coventry.


Who are we?

Both qualified Physiotherapists and Technical instructors work within the department. Initial assessments are always carried out by a qualified Physiotherapist. You may receive further assessment and intervention by a Physiotherapist or a Technical instructor depending on your need. All qualified Physiotherapists are registered with the Health Professions Council. You can check here.


How is the service organised?                                             

The physiotherapy staff work in areas of the service to provide specialised care for your individual needs. The physiotherapy team cover a caseload of 0-19 and this is across a variety of settings:

  • Early Years Setting: Premature babies leaving SCBU and preschool children up to reception age presenting with developmental delay or physical difficulties.
  • Mainstream Schools: Children and young people who attend a mainstream school. This may include children with life long conditions as well as children who may require short term rehabilitation.
  • Special Schools -Children and young people who attend a specialist school who have a physical  and/or a learning disability.


Where do we work?

We are currently based at the City of Coventry Health Centre in the City Centre (see contact details for map). Here we offer clinic appointments and group sessions within one of our treatment rooms. We also see children and young people within a variety of settings across the city. Some examples of this are; within children and young people’s own homes, education settings such as schools, nurseries, and other NHS settings. The input that is required from our service will determine the best environment to see the child/young person.  


How can I access the service?

You will need to be referred by a health professional. Please see our referral process section, within the additional information to the left, to view further information.


How to use the website:

This website contains important information within the health promotion zone regarding how to keep healthy with the right nutrition and the correct level and type of exercise. It advises you on how to develop important skills needed for life and how to look after your self throughout your teenage years, including posture and advice.

If you are a child, young person, parent or carer, please follow this link which will provide you with more information about physiotherapy, how to access the service and what to expect.

If you are a GP, Health professional or educational staff, please follow this link which will provide you with more detailed information about our service.

For referral details, please click here.

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