Acceptance Criteria

Below are the acceptance criteria for our service:

  • The child must be registered with a Coventry GP, unless attending a specialised school within Coventry, when the child will be seen in school regardless of GP location.
  • A child who is registered with a Coventry GP who lives and/or attends school outside the city boundaries will be offered treatment in our clinic setting only.
  • The child must have a physical need that physiotherapy can help with including (but not restricted to):
    • a movement disorder including altered gait, muscular syndromes, development or co-ordination difficulties.
    • a neurological impairment such as acquired head injury, cerebral palsy, syndromes, gait abnormalities due to abnormal muscle tone.
    • musculoskeletal impairment including pain, loss of joint range, functional impairment, inflammation, rheumatological/arthritic disorders.
"We promote an active lifestyle for all children"