What is BEAM?

BEAM stands for Balance Education and Movement and is available to all mainstream schools
It is:

  • A flexible and easy to implement structured PE programme for Reception to Year 1 pupils
  • A user friendly, time effective and repeatable routine
  • A fun and exciting experience for all
  • Promoting health and well-being inline with the Healthy Schools agenda

Why choose BEAM?

  • To identify children who lack early motor skills
  • First hand advice, support and guidance from Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
  • Can aid in the prevention of future problems such as poor attention, poor handwriting skills, reduced co-ordination and lack of participation
  • Can be used with other year groups where appropriate

Why is it beneficial for your school?

  • You will gain a greater understanding of children’s functional abilities
  • It will help towards early identification of individual children who may require further therapy

How do you buy into BEAM?

  • There is a one off payment
  • Contact the BEAM Team on 02476 961455 for more information


"We promote an active lifestyle for all children"